Smok Pen – Vaporize E-Liquid Without Ever Plugging It In

smok pen

Smok Pen – Vaporize E-Liquid Without Ever Plugging It In

The Smok vapor pen is a new and exciting digital camera from electronic giant Smok International. It’s part of their “Vapory” series, and is geared towards people who enjoy smoking on a regular basis. The vapor pen has two different functionalities: the ability to light the colored display, and the capability to work with a USB cord with an integral charger. The pen’s two parts are the pen itself, which looks like a pen on a stand, and the mouthpiece, which are what really heats up the liquid to reach the temperature that an individual wants. To aid in the flavor and taste of the merchandise, Smok has made the vapor pen “buzzy”, meaning it could produce small bubbles once the button is pushed.

Like many vapes (and pens in general), the Smok Vapor Pen comes with an LED indicator for color display. That is located on the bottom half of the pen, just above the blue power button. While this is a nice feature, I’d like to have a back-light aswell. Because the pen is indeed compact, the LED isn’t always able to be seen in low light situations. However, when there is an extremely low light situation where you really need to see the indicator, I would buy a replacement battery rather than the built-in one in the Smok Vapor Pen.

Smok recommends that you use the Smok vapor pen airflow solution to give your finished smoking experience the most flavour. The airflow system uses two plastic nozzles which are situated on either side of the pen’s cap. These nozzles allow the heat from the e-liquid to enter the air, and then disperse into your lungs. There is an adjustable airflow control privately of the pen which allows you to change the quantity of flavour you need in your vapor.

To change the amount of your flavour simply turn a screw clockwise, as well as your pen will slowly get darker. At first it might take some used to, but it’s a smart way to customize your experience. You can even choose a different airflow pattern to fit your tastes. If you don’t value the airflow control at all, you can leave it off to achieve a much cooler smoke. When I want a cool, smooth smoke, I switch off the airflow watching my buddha get engulfed in my beautiful smoke.

The main complaint about the Smok Vaporizer in comparison to other pens is the lack of a micro USB port. The reason why this is the big deal is because you are able to utilize this feature to charge your batteries from your own pen. The only problem with this is that you may only charge the battery life around three hours, which is not just a lot of time. That is easily remedied by purchasing a USB charging cable to place into your personal computer, or by buying yet another rechargeable battery. This small gripe aside, the Smok Vaporizer is perfect for anyone that wants to vapourize on the run away.

To conserve 10 cups of e-liquid each day, you need to get the Smok Pen Vapors Charger. With a built-in clock, the Vapors Charger will help you to set the clock to start out when you want it to. When the e-liquid runs out, just allow clock wake you up and it will start the refill process for you. Since this pen permits you to set the clock to wake you up or not, it is possible to get the most from the e-liquid by using it to vaporize whenever you can throughout your day.

The Smok Vaporizer has a unique battery life design that will not need you to constantly re-insert the battery in order to keep it running. The unique battery life design means that in the event that you leave your Smok Vaporizer plugged in, no matter just how long your thumb is holding the fire button, the battery can last you around three days. There are many designs and styles to pick from which make this pen an ideal choice for anyone that enjoys their e-liquid. There are also tons of accessories that come with this pen. Each of the various parts are removable like the USB cable, which makes it an easy task to enjoy your vapes.

This amazing pen lets you change the flavour of your e-liquid very quickly at all. There are various different flavours available and if you feel a little adventurous you can even try creating your personal flavour. When you purchase the Smok Vaporizer you can also get a flavour pack containing an array of flavour concentrates such as mint, carrot, chocolate fudge plus much more.